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With over 25 years development, Ningbo Jinyi Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is now one of the larger companies specialized in manufacturing Screws, Barrels & Tie Bars. With our 300 employees and 5 factories based in Ningbo & Zhoushan, JINYI commits to designing and supplying precision parts for the plastics, rubber, food and medical industries.


Focusing on Precise Machining, JINYI has an extremely large database of prints, drawings, and factory OEM specifications. While paying attention to skilled personnel training, we also imported series of advanced equipment, such as CNC Machining Center, CNC Turning Machine, Inner Hole Grinding Machine, 13 Meters Deep Hole Boring Machine, NC drilling machine, Nitriding Furnace Computer Control System, Centrifugal Casting Furnace, PTA Bimetallic Spraying Equipment, gear milling machine and so on .


At the same time, JINYI continues to improve Quality Control System through precise inspection during every step of the production. With our excellent quality, we have already established long term cooperation with many well-known companies both in China and overseas. We are one of the first companies to implement the ISO9001 & SGS Certification in our industry.
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Development History

  • 1993

    The company "Lichao" was established with the rise of screw industry in China.
  • 1995

    Took the lead in introducing CNC machining in the industry.
  • 1997

    We firstly started to manufacture alloy bushing barrel, which greatly improved the service life of barrel.
  • 2000

    The annual output exceeded RMB 50 million yuan for the first time.
  • 2002

    In order to better serve customers, the main plant was relocated to Ningbo.
  • 2003

    Jinyi recruited technical talents from Taiwan Province to guide and study alloy casting process.
  • 2005

    The centrifugal casting equipment was introduced from Taiwan and put into use.
  • 2007

    PTA plasma automatic bimetallic alloy spraying equipment was installed and put into use.
  • 2010

    Zhoushan new plant was built.
  • 2011

    A new electroplating plant was built in Zhenhai Chemical Industrial Park. So far, all the production processes of Jinyi can be under internal control.
  • 2012

    The second factory in Ningbo was built.
  • 2016

    The third factory in Ningbo was built, forming a pattern of 2 bases and 5 factory areas in Ningbo and Zhoushan.
  • 2017

    "Ningbo Lichao Tie Bar Precision Machinery Co., Ltd." was established, mainly engaged in tiebars manufacturing.


Fast Turnaround

Based in the dynamic port city of Ningbo, we complete and ship your orders quickly. You can count on us to deliver high quality products on time.

Cost Effective

We strive to exceed client expectations with our products and services. Comprehensive pre-planning insures all work is done in cost-effective manner.

Full Year Warranty

We are confident with providing a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship on all our products.

Measurement Devices

JINYI offers a complete line of highly accurate bore gauges and wear measurement devices.



We strive for pursuing the material and spiritual well-being of all our staff, as well as for providing our customers with perfect product design concept and great products that meet their satisfaction, for the development of plastic machinery industry.

Enterprise vision

To be the leader of screw manufacturing industry and become a valuable company on the path to 100 years.

Core Value

Learning, Enterprising, Responsible, Trustworthy, Altruistic, Grateful.
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