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ChinaPlas 2018 - Visit JINYI at 5.1-A87
Author:admin Date:2018-01-30

Introduction:Chinaplas is the leading exhibition in plastic & rubber industry. It's the biggest in China & 2nd around the world. The impact & influence have significant meaning for plastic industry

The 32th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries

24-27 April, 2018

Opening Hours
09:30 - 17:00




National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai (NECC)
(No.333 Songze Avenue Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, PR China)

Accompanying the growth of China's plastics and rubber industries for nearly 30 years, CHINAPLAS has become a distinguished meeting and business platform for these industries and has also largely contributed to their prosperous development. At present, CHINAPLAS is not only the largest plastics and rubber trade fair in Asia, it is also widely recognized by the industry as the 2nd most influential exhibition in the world. Its significance is surpassed only by K Fair in Germany, the world's premier plastics and rubber trade fair.

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