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Preventive measures:
1. The competent department should strengthen the insurance supervision and monitoring and management of the construction of tower cranes. The maintenance organization should carry out maintenance in strict accordance with the relevant standards and standards of tower cranes, strictly control the quality of maintenance, and strictly prohibit the repeated use of high-strength bolts.

2. The installation and application unit should enhance the awareness of the accurate application of high-strength bolts, so as not to use high-strength bolts repeatedly, not to use high-strength bolts with no manufacturer's mark and a performance grade mark, and to strengthen the general inspection pre-tightening. After a single installation, after 100 hours of application, the tightening is generally checked, and every 500 hours has been tightened since then.

The high-strength bolt connection has the advantages of good force performance, fatigue resistance, good seismic performance, high connection stiffness, and light construction, and has become an important connection method between the standard sections of tower cranes. Only by fully understanding the many factors affecting the connection of high-strength bolts, and paying sufficient attention in installation and application, can the safe operation of tower cranes be guaranteed.
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