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Cleaning method of conical twin barrel screw:

1. After mixing the cleaning agent and cleaning materials in proportion, inject them into the end of the conical twin barrel screw.

2. Use a brass brush to remove the resin deposit residue, or use a burner or similar device to heat the resin deposit on the conical twin barrel screw. After heating for a period of time, use a waste cotton cloth or a brass brush to remove the sediment on the screw of the conical twin barrel.

3. Use the same method as the screw body to clean the screw head, non-return ring, thrust ring and mixing ring (some machines do not use mixing ring). In addition, brass brushes should be used to clean the screw threads and the screw body on the screw head.

4. When the screws are cooled, use a special polishing tool to clean the stains on the screws.

5. Do not scratch the surface of the cone and twin barrel screw during cleaning; before installing the screw head, a layer of grease or silicone oil should be evenly applied to the cone and twin barrel screw thread to prevent thread bite. One layer of this lubricant is sufficient. If the lubricant is used too much, it may contaminate the fuel injection product. When using solvents, conventional precautions should be taken to avoid skin contact with the solvent.
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