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The conical twin-barrel screw has a common metal material with a certain mechanical strength as the base material, and the inner hole working surface is additionally composed of a tube with a special alloy material protective layer. This layer has a certain thickness and certain hardness of the alloy protective layer according to its different working conditions or has the effect of both wear and corrosion resistance. This protective layer is evenly attached to the base material, and is interlocked with the base material in metallography without falling off, forming a solid whole.

The conical twin-barrel screw is an important part of the injection molding machine and the core of the injection molding machine. It can be said that the correct use and maintenance of the conical twin-barrel screw plays a decisive role in the production efficiency of the injection molding machine. In the industry, the cleaning and maintenance of conical twin-cylinder screws mainly include the following two points:

1. Use barrel cleaner

If the product uses raw materials to be replaced frequently or the plasticization temperature range of the residual material in the conical twin-cylinder screw and the refill is large, in order to save raw materials and improve work efficiency, it is more economical to use the conical twin-cylinder screw cleaning agent. The special cleaning agent is a kind of rubber-like substance. It does not melt at high temperature in the barrel. It is softened in the screw groove. When moving forward in the screw groove, the residual material can be taken away to make the barrel Gets cleaned up inside.

2.Use the refueling ejection method

The plasticizing temperature range of the raw material to be replaced is higher than the plasticizing temperature range of the residual material in the conical twin-cylinder screw. The barrel and nozzle can be heated to the lowest plasticizing temperature of the newly replaced raw material, and then the new material is added and Continuously inject into the air until there is no residual material in the conical twin barrel screw barrel.
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