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1. When the injection molding machine is started, the injection molding machine should be fully preheated. When the predetermined temperature is reached, the temperature below 60 mm is maintained for another 15 minutes. After more than 30 minutes, start the motor and start the screw-related operations.

2. Match the material with the conical twin barrel screw. Especially corrosive materials and hard materials, such as PVC, flame-retardant materials, glass fiber materials, etc. add special screws, avoid using ordinary screws.

3. If ordinary machines use corrosive materials, you need to pay attention, and use stable materials such as high-density polyethylene, high-impact polystyrene, etc. to clean and replace.

4. If ordinary machines use glass fiber materials occasionally, you must pay attention to the high temperature of the material, the low speed of the conical twin barrel screw, and the low back pressure. Remember.

5. No matter what kind of material, try not to use low temperature limit production. For example, PC material can also be produced at 250 degrees. ABS can hardly be made at 185 degrees, but it is not good for conical twin barrel screws because it requires a lot of torque. , And severe wear and tear. At the same time, if the lower limit problem must be used, a low screw speed should be used.

6. When shutting down for more than half an hour each time, the discharge port should be closed, the materials in the barrel should be cleaned, and an insulation layer should be installed.

7. Avoid foreign matter falling into the barrel and damaging the screw and barrel of the conical twin barrel. In order to prevent metal fragments and debris from falling into the funnel, if the recycled material is processed, a magnetic funnel should be added to prevent iron filings from entering the funnel.

8. When using anti-saliva, make sure that the plastic is completely melted, so as not to damage the system components such as the conical twin barrel and screw when the screw is retracted.

9. Avoid idling and slipping of the cone and twin barrel screw.

10. When using new plastic, clean the rest of the barrel. When using materials such as polyoxymethylene, polyvinyl chloride, PA+GF, etc., the degradation of the raw materials should be minimized, and the nozzle materials such as ABS should be rinsed off in time after the shutdown.
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