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What do the carriage bolts look like? The bolt rod of the carriage bolt will not rotate because of the function of the square neck, which is convenient for fixing and installation. It is mainly used in some places where countersunk head screws are required. The materials used are generally grades 2 and 5 steel and stainless steel, which are also common types of carriage bolts.

The carriage bolt is composed of a head and a screw rod. It needs to be used in conjunction with a nut to fasten and connect two parts with through holes. Its screw rod is a cylinder with an external thread. According to the size of the head, it can be divided into large semi-circular head carriage bolts and small semi-circular head carriage bolts. The corresponding standards for large semi-circular head carriage bolts are GB/T14 and DIN693, and the corresponding standards for small semi-circular head carriage bolts are GB/T12-85, GB801 For the low square neck, the user can choose different types according to the actual use.

The carriage bolt also has a big advantage. Because the head of the carriage bolt is round, there is no design of available power tools such as cross grooves or hexagon sockets, and it can also play a role in preventing theft in the actual connection process.
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