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1. The screw hole sliding wire can be injected into the screw hole with a small amount of 5o2 glue, then screw the screw in, wait for the glue to solidify and then use the needle-nose pliers to unscrew the screw (just don’t use a screwdriver because it will cause the screw to slip), wait for a long time It is only necessary for the glue to harden completely;

2. Ream the screw hole and tap it with a tap. Low cost, high skill requirements.
So the screw head is rounded, how do we take it out?

1. To screw the round screw, we find a way to use a hard knife to draw a cross or a flat shape in the round shape. If it is simple, make a flat shape, make a deeper cut, and then take it out with a flat screw.
2. Use a small drill to punch the rounded screw first, and then screw it in with a reverse-threaded tap to form a screw tooth inside. If the screw is reversed, then screw it in with the corresponding small screw to come out.
3. In addition, you can use the soldering method to heat the solder with an electric iron, drop it on the screws and screwdrivers, let them cool and solidify, and then unscrew them smoothly, but this method is more expensive.
4. If the screw has come out a little, then this is easy to handle. We can use needle nose pliers or vice pliers to clamp it hard, and then rotate the pliers. There is also a heating method, we can heat the screwdriver. , and then put it on top of the rounded screw, wait for a few seconds, and then rotate it, so that the screw will soften slightly to make a cross or a word mark. If you have a way to heat the screw, it will be the best.
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