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The process of the conical twin-barrel screw is one of the more commonly used in recent years. The conical twin-barrel screw is a process combination product with excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the screw. High-speed spraying equipment is used to spray spray the surface of the screw to obtain Conical twin barrel screw with compact structure. The conical twin barrel screw adopts the method of melting and casting, and the alloy of high tungsten carbide content is cast into one body with the barrel, using special engineering technology and precision molding.
It can be seen from the extrusion process that the cone twin barrel screw works under high temperature, corrosion, strong wear, and high torque. There are three common heating methods, but the more popular and more heating The method is the resistance heating method:
1. Resistance heating method
It is to let the current pass through the wire with relatively large resistance (resistance wire), thereby generating heat, and then conduction to the material through the barrel wall.
2. Electric induction heating method.
The outer circumference of the barrel body is equipped with a coil, and a magnetic silicon steel sheet is installed around the coil: when the coil has a current passing through, the silicon steel sheet and the barrel form a closed magnetic circuit, and the alternating magnetic flux induces the barrel to generate current. The tube generates heat due to a certain resistance value.
3. Heating medium heating method.
This heating method refers to heating the barrel with water vapor or oil as the heating medium. Water vapor needs to be transported by boiler equipment and pipelines, and electric resistance heaters are used to heat oil. Both heating devices are messy, expensive, and difficult to control temperature, so they are rarely used now.
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