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Screws are common fasteners in daily life. They can be divided into many types according to the shape of the head. Countersunk head screws and cross recessed screws are common screws. The head of the Phillips pan head screw is oblate. The two types of screws are not only different in shape, but also have a certain gap in use. The main differences are as follows:
1. The load of the countersunk head screw in the tightened state is greater than that of the cross pan head screw.
2. Countersunk head screws are often used for fasteners of mechanical parts and mold templates; while pan head screws are usually used for fastening mechanical chassis and casings or covering parts or parts of household appliances.
3. The top of the countersunk screw is flat; the top of the pan-head screw is spherical.
4. The tools used for tightening cross recessed pan-head screws are screws, which are commonly referred to as screwdrivers; the tools used for tightening countersunk head screws are allen wrenches.
5. The cross-sectional image of the head of the pan-head screw is semicircular; the cross-sectional image of the head of the countersunk screw is a trapezoid.
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