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I believe that everyone has heard of medical equipment, but you may not know much about the screws on medical equipment, so let Xiaobian take you to understand the screws of medical equipment!

The thread of a medical device screw is a kind of uniform helical convex shape on the cross section of the solid outer surface or inner surface, and the fit of the threaded fastener refers to the tightness of the threads that are screwed together, etc. A combination of deviations and tolerances on internal and external threads.

How much are stainless steel screws for medical equipment? For those who are not familiar with stainless steel screws and their differences, many purchase stainless steel screws focus on the performance of stainless steel screws, such as the rust resistance and corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Let's share with you the difference between stainless steel screws: stainless steel screws for medical equipment are characterized by rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Due to the metal of stainless steel, stainless steel screws cannot be hardened, and the strength of stainless steel screws themselves, etc. And the general treatment is between 4.8-6.8, so when looking for screw fasteners, the material should also be selected according to the actual use of the product.

If it is used in mechanical equipment and requires screws of equal strength, then it is necessary to choose carbon steel material for hardening, and carbon steel screws can be hardened to 12.9 and. And if the product needs rust and corrosion resistance, you can choose stainless steel screws with rust and corrosion resistance. The performance of screw fasteners of different materials is different, we have to choose which screws to use according to the characteristics of different materials. In short, stainless steel screws are generally between 4.8 and 6.8 and cannot be hardened, but stainless steel screws are corrosion-resistant and rust-proof.
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