Nitrided Screw

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Nitrided Screw

Nitrided Screw


Automatic CNC lathe, milling machine equipment, deep hole boring machine, up to 10m depth nitriding and automatic heat treatment equipment;

Professional operators to ensure the accuracy of each process;

Various mixing heads design to meet the plasticizing requirements of different plastics.



General plastics & engineering plastics with below 10% glass fibre filling.

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    Product Name

    Nitrided Screw



    Suitable Machine

    Injection / Extrusion / Blowing

    Available Size

    Φ14 - 500mm, L < 8,000mm

    Process Method

    Gas Nitriding

    Surface Hardness


    Nitriding period

    120 hours nitriding process

    Effective Nitriding Depth

    0.3 - 0.5mm

    Max. Nitriding Depth

    0.6 - 0.8mm

    Surface Roughness

    < Ra 0.8

    Screw Straightness

    < 0.02mm/m